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Five reasons for buying an HAKL electric instant water heater
Money-saving - almost 100% efficiency of water heating

Time-saving - water is heated instantly and continuously

Water-saving - heats only the necessary volume of water

Energy-saving - electricity is only consumed during the flow of hot water

 Space-saving - small dimensions

Direct water heating is cheaper (how to save money)

In spite of the higher power consumption of HAKL electric instant water heaters, the preparation of hot water by using these heaters is much cheaper compared to electric storage heaters - boilers. more…

…So that hot water is there where you need it…


Economic electric instant water heaters HAKL

Production - Distribution - Service

The seat of the company is in Ivanka pri Dunaji (about 8 km from Bratislava). The construction of our production complex began in 1996. Currently, the company production halls operate in an area of over 1,000 m², which include a pressroom for plastics and metal parts, production of cabling, assembly lines, warehouses, storage and dispatch of products. The production complex also includes a two-floor administration building in which the training centre, commercial department and company management is based.

More than ten years of experience allow us to say that HAKL represents a company that has firmly established itself in the market, belonging amongst those companies that significantly contribute to an improvement in the quality of life and the environment. more…



Electric, hydraulically operated instant water heater supplied with a special low-pressure water tap, to be installed on a cold-water inlet..

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